Macedo balances AP, soccer, service

Yaritza Lopez, Sectional Editor

Junior Jonathan Macedo is a leader. Despite the fact that he has been through so much, participates fully in school.

“The clubs and sports I participated this year was soccer I’m thinking of doing volleyball,” he said

He said the team worked all season on communicating with one another. Thankfully, there were able to improve communication which allowed the team to “get closer every time.”

Along with sports, Macedo does communtity service.

“We have to do community hours, but outside in the community, I help out Santa Cecilia Church,” Macedo said. “We usually help out with the books, and I try to get there early, and since my brother has classes, we participate as a whole family.”

He also finds managing his time to be problematic at times. He said he “had to sacrifice one thing for another, and it was really hard”

When Macedo graduates college, he will be one of the first in his family to do so.

He said it will be, “something big for the family, especially as a Latino. It really takes a lot.”

He said that his father had an opportunity to go to college with the military, so “I won’t technically be the first one to graduate.”

His family supports his busy life. He said that, “his parents motivate him everyday.”