Mastery Lab provides helpful resources to help students excel

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

The mastery lab is a brand new center for tutoring staffed by student tutors, teachers and support staff. It is a place where students can drop in to get academic help. In the past, students were normally assigned to the ARC with only a few teachers to help each period.

The mastery lab was created due to previous years of the ARC trying to serve too many purposes at the same time.

Now, these issues have been addressed for the mastery lab to provide an opportunity for students to get help needed and for student tutors to share their knowledge and sharpen students’ skills. This year, students are no longer assigned to the ARC for help. Also, there are many more student tutors volunteering to help their peers, as well as teachers on staff than in years past.

The goal of this year’s mastery lab is to create an environment where students feel comfortable to seek help and will come back frequently to get help. As for the tutors, they are super excited to be part of the program and students that have come in have had a positive experience learning.

Students have been more focused on getting work done now than in years past.

“The general environment and tone are much more conducive to focus learning this year,” said mastery lab coordinator Sue Montemayor.