Auto Club is in full throttle

Sean Cherry, Staff Reporter

The EGHS Auto Show was September 27th and “it was awesome and very successful,” said teacher Jeffrey Zdenovec. About “thirty students came out to help out”. Zdenovec said that they “helped move cars, sell tickets, sell food and drinks”. With almost two hundred cars registered, the auto show was very successful and fun.

Zdenovec also added that “the highlight of the show was a Suburban towing another car almost ten to fifteen feet in the air.” Zedenovec said that “they put the suburban in the street,” and it just picked up the other car.

The Auto Show was a fund raiser and they “raised a decent amount for the auto program” said Zdenovec. With the money they raised at the Auto Show, Zdenovec said that “it will go to the Auto club, DECA (The Distribution Education Clubs of America) and Skills USA”. DECA associates with high school, college students and teachers about business, finance, marketing sales, etc. Skills USA is a partnership of students, teachers and industry working together so America will have a skilled workforce.

The Auto Show is one of the bigger events in Elk Grove Village. Zdenovec also added that “we have tied in the school and the community”. The days after the Auto Show people really talk about the show. People regularly hear “hey, did you see that mustang at the auto show Sunday?” or people telling them that they really should’ve gone to it. “It could be the talk of the town,” said Zdenovec. With that, Zdenovec hopes that more people could come out for the next auto show.

Students who are really into cars and working on cars, can join Auto Club which has already started and meets every other Tuesday.

“It has started full throttle, no pun intended,” said Zdenovec.

He also said that the club “[works] on the Auto show and the peddle car challenge”.

The peddle car challenge is when they get a hot rod pedal car and trick it out. “It’s an opportunity to show your passion for cars,” said Zdenovec. So, remember auto club is every other Tuesday.