The Sound of Silence

No more music in the halls

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

In the past, music was played during the passing period and would stop one minute before the period to remind the students to get to class. This school year, there will only be music played in the halls during special events such as homecoming. This change came about because of instances where students have been tardy due to spending too much time in the hallways.

Music in the halls, to those who enjoy having it, is also a way of letting people know how much time they have in class and to enjoy walking to class with music. Also, with there being music in the halls, people don’t need to listen to music on their phone or iPods. Students could listen to what the school is playing.

Sophomore Greg Rynne believes it is “nice to know when there’s one minute in the passing period.” Therefore, he believes that “they should play” the music.

Junior Erin Falejczyk said “Personally I don’t like the change.” But it doesn’t matter that much to her because there was “no variety in music” before the change was made.

The new change of music in the halls means music will only be played for a few weeks throughout the whole school year from now on. The intention of the administrative department is that there will be less late students and less students rushing to class.