Student Council hosts Disney-inspired homecoming week

Danny Kummer, Staff Reporter

This year’s homecoming, Wish Upon a Nation, is just around the corner. It is meant to be a Disney-themed week and dance “that a majority of students can relate to,” said Cindy D’Alessandro, sponsor of the student council.

The students on the council have been meeting and planning this year’s homecoming since last June. The six to eight officers from each class plus the executive board started off by thinking of ideas, and then voted to narrow it down to the top three ideas. Eventually, a survey was given out to students to have the school ultimately vote on what the theme was going to be. In Cindy D’Alessandro’s opinion students that have never gone to a school dance should go to this year’s homecoming because “high school goes by very fast, and if you miss opportunities to show school spirit, you will never get them back. You only go through high school once.”

The student council has already planned to work 20 hours over one weekend with more than 100 student volunteers to decorate the hallways. In addition to decorations, a Boom DJ (a DJ that is exclusive to high school dances, that is associated with certain popular radio stations) will be at the dance, planning out every song that will be played throughout the night.

Senior Travis Lohman Huey believes that “It [the boom DJ] is an interesting choice to spice up the dance.”

Freshman Burhan Alka said, “I am looking forward to homecoming because it is my first high school dance.” With so much time invested into the making of this school dance, the volunteers for student council are looking forward to what they think may be the best homecoming yet.