Fall play performers look to impress

Dino Frentzas, Staff Reporter

This year’s fall play “She Kills Monsters” consists of games, sisters, high school and role plays. Main character Agnes Evans leaves her childhood home due to the death of her sister, Tilly. While reading her sister’s notebook, which is full of discovery and adventure, she joins her sister’s imaginary world.

Ed Vere, who is performing as Orcus, is in Tilly’s imaginary world in order to be accepted in this more open-minded society. Since Orcus is flamboyantly gay, in the real world he gets made fun of by cheerleaders also known as bullies. Vere said this year’s fall play is “a taste of everything.” “It is something everyone could relate to.”

Rehearsals have been great for Vere who considers his cast members like “having another family.”

Chuck Cavazos, who is the fall play director, believes the fall play will appeal to many students due to it being a “story students will like” and also “something students will enjoy performing.”

Some of the members of the cast include: Maggie Pacquer as the narrator, Alexa Williams as Tilly, Emily Franke as Agnes Evans, Logan Weir as Chuck, and Nick Filca as Miles.

There is a lot of drama and music in this play in addition to being a comedy. The Fall Play will be performed Oct. 14-17. Tickets will be available the week of the show. There is a freshman free night at the Wednesday performance. Tickets will cost $4 for adults and $4 for students. This year’s fall play is for those who would enjoy watching an imaginary world filled with both dancing, sadness, laughter and much more.