Stunning new season of ‘Gotham’ has the villains taking the stage

Trenton Holmquist, Sectional Editor

“Gotham” season two, entitled “Rise of the Villains,” premiered on September 21. Following detective Jim Gordon, “Gotham” begins to explore the deepest and darkest parts of organized crime.

After an extremely explosive first season, “Gotham” continues to impress and surprise. The comic-based show has turned classic characters into interesting people with intricate stories that get more intriguing with each episode.

The gigantic battle royale that took place between Gotham’s crime bosses concluded season one. In its wake, actor Robin Taylor’s character “The Penguin,” became the crime lord of Gotham’s underground.

Season two picks up right where season one left off. The Penguin still stands atop the ruins of Gotham City, which leads to some very unexpected twists and turns, and honestly, it’s pretty awesome. Penguin single-handedly turned the crime drama into a modernized version of “Game of Thrones.”

Another new character that’s been introduced is Theo Galavan, played by actor James Frain. This casting decision puts Frain at the top of the big bad villains list this year. The addition of yet one more rich super villain thickens the plot and is already causing a stir everywhere within the storyline.

The rate at which antagonists are spawning is nearly rapid; in almost every episode “Gotham” pulls a new villain out of thin air, thus the season’s title The Penguin, Riddler and even a prequel to the Joker have all been used in various episodes so far, but more significantly, the resemblance to their paper counterpart is amazing.

The only noticeable difference between past and present villains is the age difference and the sloppiness when a murder plan or body dumping goes wrong.

At any rate, while “Gotham”’s writers are continuing the crime drama and mob themes, they’re intensifying it with the upbringing of people who will most likely become major criminals further down the road, maybe not even until season three.

Right now, the main focus of the show is to give viewers a more fun experience and deeper connection to the characters, hoping they will either feel bad or worried for their favorite lawbreaker.

With all the new crooks to juggle, it may have been hard to fit in the most iconic character of all: Batman. He won’t be called by his vigilante name for quite some time, but young Bruce Wayne himself was given an exciting new story arch where his sole developing relationship is with none other than Theo Galavan, this season’s evil deity.

Bruce has a long time before he becomes a black-clad badass. Normally, Batman would just beat his nemeses to a bloody pulp. Obviously, 15 year old Mr. Wayne won’t be throwing down with anyone who’s more than a foot taller than him, but it is important to keep him in the picture.

With half the season down and another full half just around the corner, “Gotham” has done a spectacular job keeping up with it’s low-key promise of a good season of bad boys and the occasional bad girl. Now there’s one thing left to do: sit back and watch as the villains have their fun.