‘Supergirl’ starts first season slow, but eventually picks up


Photo Courtesy of CBS Studios

IT’S A BIRD, IT’S A PLANE: Kara Danvers, Supergirl, dedicates her life to stopping crime in National City, giving up her personal life to help those in need and spread hope.

Trenton Holmquist, Sectional Editor

Another one of DC’s most beloved heroes has taken to the screens, or in this case, the skies. The pilot episode of “Supergirl” aired on the CBS network on October 26, but it did not live up to its super title.

For some shows, the pilot episode makes or breaks everything. Although “Supergirl” didn’t start off on a high note, it shows promise for further down the road.

Actress Melissa Benoist does a great job portraying Kara Danvers and is amazing as the high flying, red caped, superhero. The cast was perfectly selected for iconic comic characters, such as actor Mehcad Brooks, cast for the role of Jimmy Olsen and actress Calista Flockhart cast as Cat Grant.

Good casting aside, “Supergirl” still needs a few adjustments. The onscreen effects were good, the costumes were good, but the only real reason it faltered was due to the rapidly advancing plot line. Benoist went from ordinary to extraordinary right away.

It would’ve been better had they held off the super costume for the first episode and given more information on her backstory.After all, she isn’t as mainstream as the other TV heroes. Too much was revealed by the end of the episode, and it took away the passion of creating a dramatic debut.

By the time the second episode aired, “Supergirl” had redeemed itself. The pace was slower and much more focused on a single task, as opposed to trying to introduce everything in one episode.

If “Supergirl’s” pace continues to slow, it has real potential. Hopefully, this stand alone female hero will make it big, turn out better than it started and get renewed for season two.