EGHS has great living condition

Guardian Staff

The quality of someone’s life depends so much on variables they cannot control. The location of where they were born, their gender, the ethnicity of their parents and the era they grew up in can all determine how they live their life.

Staff Editorial

The modern United States of America, although not perfect, is a wonderful place to be living, and people should be more grateful for what they have and the style of life they lead.

Americans have luxuries that are taken for granted.

The food surplus alone is ridiculously large. There is an enormous number of options available.

Within blocks of the school, we have a Jewel, Panera, Chipotle, Jimmy Johns, Big Sammy’s, McDonald’s, Subway, Peapod, Little Caesars, and Doughboys.

We also have a steady supply of water, clean air and electricity.

We live in a safer world than in other countries. Our democratic government is run by candidates elected by the people instead of armed drug dealers or genocidal dictators drunk on power.

There are paramedics and a police force standing by, ready for an emergency should one arise.

When EGHS sports-related injuries arise during practices, they arrive in less than ten minutes.

The fight for equality has made significant progress in the last hundred years.

Elk Grove High School is extremely diverse. There are students of every ethnicity and sexual orientation. People are welcome to be whoever they want to be.

While there still are homophobes, misogynists and racists, the majority of the population make a conscience effort to fight against hate crimes.

There are many people willing and able to help the less fortunate in many ways.

Charities such as Pacific Garden Mission, a homeless shelter in downtown Chicago, help the less fortunate. They provide food, shelter, medical care and counseling for people who cannot afford it themselves.

Not only are there people who want to help others in the US, but they are blessed enough so that they can share their wealth with those in need.

All things considered, American life is easy compared to the harsh life of those in third world countries. Think about that before complaining about how your parents refuse to upgrade your smartphone.