Matt Jarosch dominates the music world

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

Junior Jazz Band trombone player, Matt Jarosch, has made some remarkable achievements in the district’s music compartment. From Peoria to Disney World, he has been rocking the trombone all over the country. “We synced our band sounds to the ‘Lion King’ and played the background music to that. It was really cool,” Jarosch said.

“I was sick the day you could try out all the band instruments. My [whole] family played trombone, so they kinda just signed me up for it,” Junior Matt Jarosch said. “It was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.”

He has auditioned for many performance opportunities including participating in the Grammys.

“I’ll practice one thing, I’ll get good at it, and I’ll set another bar higher,” Jarosch said. “You keep pushing yourself, and you gotta say, ‘okay I am at this level, and now I gotta go higher.’”

Music is a definite thing Matt would like to pursue in the future, but he has a lot of brick walls to climb over. Financially it is tough, and it can be hard to make a living off of just playing jazz music.

“If I were to do that I’d have to push myself to the limit, starting now, all the way,” Jarosch said.

His band instructor, Ron Fiorito, could not be more proud. The band is going to places, like Purdue, this year to compete. What the band typically does at their competitions are basically just three things. Warm up, play three songs, and get judged on what they did good, and what they need to do better.

“[Matt] is in the top five of fifty schools that sent auditions,” Fiorito said.

Jarosch is definitely going places in this business, and no one is more confident than he.

“You’re either in or out, there’s no in between,” Jarosch said.