Food drive gives aid to the needy

Danny Kummer, Staff Reporter

The Thanksgiving season has come around once again and so has the annual food drive to help out families that go to Elk Grove and others around the community. Student council has encouraged all 1st period classes to collect food for family baskets, which are different food items provided for families of students that go to Elk Grove.

“I feel that the families realize that even though we are a school, we also want to help the people in the community,” sponsor of student council Cindy D’Alessandro said.

Students collect cans themselves, and often having competitions between home rooms and several schools in the district. The student council also does the “bag and tag” which is an event where the student council goes out into the community in order to hand out flyers stapled to grocery bags that allow people to donate to the cause.

“It feels great to be able to help people in the community, especially during the holidays.” Senior Andrea Christoforou said.

The collective goal for both the “bag and tag” and the collection from homerooms is to collect of 25,000 cans for those in need compared to last year’s

23,000. Schools in the district attempt to do the same thing, and with the contribution of as many students as possible, Elk Grove has a chance of beating the other schools in the district. The cans collected go to a warehouse in Elk Grove to be distributed to those who need it most within the community. “I don’t think [the students] realize how large of an amount [25,000] is, and how much of an impact it will actually have on all the families,” said D’Alessandro.

The student council is looking forward to see how much they collected this year and hopes that they can make a difference during the Thanksgiving season for families in the community.