Health issues and benefits of marijuana usage

Liam McCarthy, Sectional Editor

Weed, pot, ganja, grass, Mary Jane, bush. These are only some names given for the drug marijuana, and the list can go on and on for a very long time.

Students and teachers here at Elk Grove High School have many assorted opinions on the drug, to positives to negatives, to goods and bads. People here are tongue tied. However, few may ask: what does the drug do to your body? Well, it would be a straight up lie for someone to say it could kill you. However, it would also be a lie to say it is good for your health.

“Marijuana is obviously not healthy for you, but people can make the argument that marijuana is on par with alcohol,” health teacher and varsity girl’s soccer coach Daniel Klaus said.

It is safe to say that other drugs give more consequences than marijuana. However, does the drug marijuana have any? Research shows, that the smoke in the drug contains 50% to 70% more cancer-causing substances than tobacco smoke, which means even smoking a simple cigarette doesn’t even come close to the lung effects of marijuana. It also shows that only smoking one little joint of “weed” does equal damage to your lungs as smoking five cigarettes one after another. Yes people. Not one, not two, but five cigarettes.

“Drugs are clearly negative for your health. That’s why they are illegal,” sophomore Eric Kolton said.

Medical marijuana was just legalized here in Illinois. So many people are wondering: what is next? Is this just the beginning of getting it legal for everyone? “Moving forward, is it gonna be where all 50 states make it legal, and then it becomes taxed like cigarettes and alcohol?” Klaus said. “We are at a crossroads for where are country is going for this.”

Most people agree marijuana is terrible for your health, but some people could disagree if someone is already suffering from a painful medical condition. “Medical marijuana I think is a positive thing, depending on your illness. But if you just use it for recreational purposes I think it is neutral. I don’t think it’s positive or negative,” sophomore Alex Mysliwiec said.

Marijuana is not the healthiest choice a person could make.