Preventing illegal drug possession in school

EG security department works to ensure students’ safety

Danny Kummer, Staff Reporter

The presence of drugs is potentially a problem that any high school deals with. However, at Elk Grove certain security measures are put in place to prevent students from taking any illegal substances.

The harsh reality is that illegal substances could be in the school or on students at any time, but “[the security department] can’t have every student empty their pockets” and “there is nothing from a security standpoint that you can stop everything,” police counselor Shaun Berens said.

“We have to be more observant of kids’ body language,” security guard Lamon Berry added.

There have been occasions of students receiving punishments in the past few years for possession of drugs, so it is a problem occurring within the walls of the school. However, Berens added that “hopefully [searches] sit in the back of kids’ minds.”

The school does the best it can to prevent students from taking illegal substances that may harm them in the future. Although, if a student is caught with any sort of illegal substance. “There are also social services available through the school psychologist and social workers,” said Berens.

Along with potential counseling, there are punishments in place for those who violate the school’s drug policies, including suspension and potential expulsion if the offense is repeated multiple times.

“It interferes with what you are here for,” noted Barry.

The school system is more lenient than the law, however, punishments are still in place to dissuade students from making decisions they may regret in the future. Students may have drugs regardless of any rules or regulations set in place by the district, but “[public facilities] have stickers on the window that say people can’t have concealed carries,” Berens said.

People still can bring concealed carries into those same public facilities and get away with it, but security procedures are put in place to deal with it as best as possible, just as there are at Elk Grove.

Drugs do exist in the school however, the security is dedicated to keeping any illegal substances out for everyone’s own safety.