Computer sciences bridges the future

Ellen Walter, Assistant Copy Editor

“We are all walking around with smart phones, tablets, etc., using these devices everyday. Knowing how to program them, really understand the language of computer science, that is unique and exciting,” said Mr. Kyle Burritt, Associate Principal at Elk Grove High School. The Computer Science program at EGHS, a recent addition to the curriculum, focuses on preparing students for careers and futures in the technology-driven world.

“With all the new technology that is coming out, it is good for people to understand it and have easier ways of accomplishing tasks,” said Jacob Hespel, a senior

at EGHS currently taking the class taught by Kristen Fisher. In it, the students learn how to code, most often by creating applications for iPads and iPhones.

“We learn codes that tell computers how to create these projects,” said Hespel.

The class was recently featured on Fox News in a segment on Nov. 11 that focused on their partnership with Mobile Makers for High Schools, which provides educational tools for students in these classes.

“We watch their videos to help us do projects in class,” said Hespel.

Seven high schools in the Chicago suburbs, including Elk Grove, are placing an emphasis on app development in their curriculum. They intend to

develop nine mobile apps by the end of the course.

However, the real benefit of these classes is not the publicity they’re giving the school.

“Our students are doing exactly what is taking place out in industry and that is such a great experience for our kids,” said Burritt. “There is such a demand for people to enter fields like computer science. Students with knowledge and expertise, along with solid math & English skills, can ‘write their own ticket.’ If students have an interest in this area, our courses are a great way to explore and potentially find your passion.”