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2020-2021 Staff

Gavin Ewen

Sectional Editor

Hello everyone, my name is Gavin Ewen and I am currently a Junior. This is now my second consecutive year as a sectional editor for The Guardian. Over the summer, I spent a lot of time with my cousins due to the fact that they we...

Luka Turanjanin

Sectional Editor

Greetings to all who read this. My name is Luka Turanjanin. I’m currently a junior at Elk Grove. I’m working as both a reporter and sectional editor for the school’s newspaper. Over the summer I played a bunch of video ga...

Liam Saluski

Sectional Editor

Hello! My name is Liam, I’m currently a senior, and I’m a sectional editor for the Guardian. This summer I spent a lot of time morphing into crows and playing checkers with the shadow-witch that lives in the center of the Ea...

Elizabeth Letkiewicz

Staff Reporter

Elizabeth Letkiewicz is a staff reporter with the Guardian.

Mr. Modelski


Mr. Modelski is the Guardian adviser and journalism instructor at Elk Grove High School. Modelski is a 2016 graduate of the University of Missouri, and he spent time as a reporter in various newsrooms before becoming a teacher....

Fallon Manzella-McReady

Hi! My name is Fallon, I’m a Sophomore this year and I’ve been a Staff Reporter for two years. This summer I gardened, made a Twitter account for the pictures I took of my flowers, and wrote little stories. I’m looking fo...

Hailey Gray

Hi all! My name is Hailey Gray and I’m currently in my senior year here at Elk Grove. This year, I’m a sectional editor for The Guardian. Over the summer, I spent a lot of time with my family and friends, especially those wh...

Darina Lubenov

Hi! My name is Darina, and I am a junior at EG. As for my position, I am now a sectional editor. This summer I visited my family in Europe and expanded my online business. This year I look forward to getting back into my classes an...

Alek Para

Hi! My name is Alek, I’m a sophomore this year and I’m a staff reporter for the EG Guardian. This summer, I took health online, tweeted some more and biked outside with my friends. I look forward to writing more professional sports ...

Natalia Habas


Hi! My name is Natalia and I’m currently a senior. I’m the Editor-In-Chief of The Guardian. Over the summer I spent a lot of time with my family and my best friend. One thing I’m looking forward to the most is having a ...

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