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2014-2015 Staff

Evan Hatfield

Evan Hatfield

Your former humble copy editor, and current humbler editor-in-chief. This is my third (and final) year on staff, and I'm hoping to go out with a bang!

Morgan Loxley

Senior at Elk Grove High School. This is my 4th year as a Guardian staff member.

GianCarlo Bulleri

Senior first year on The Guardian and enjoying every minute of it.

Laura Augustaitis

Senior at Elk Grove High School.

Jack Kaup

Senior. Former author of "Jack Attacks Sports"

Liam McCarthy

Staff reporter of The Guardian.

Nic Baggetto

Editor-in-Chief of Elk Grove High School's school paper, "The Guardian."

Megan Casey

Megan Casey

Senior at Elk Grove High School. Second and final year on staff.

Mark Munson

Mark Munson

I ask hard-hitting questions

Ryan Herrera

He's cool.

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