Nostalgic shows return, but are they good?

Jacky Pano, Staff Reporter

Whenever a beloved T.V. show ends, there’s always a little part inside of people that wishes for a spinoff or a reboot. Lucky for us, Netflix and Disney Channel have been listening. “Fuller House” was announced in February 2016 as a Netflix original series. “Raven’s Home” was announced for release in July of 2017. The wait was finally over, some of fans’ favorite and classic sitcoms are back! This has started somewhat of a trend and fans from all over are asking for reboots of their favorite childhood shows.

“Fuller House:” “Fuller House” is a Netflix original series spinoff of the American sitcom, “Full House.” It originally followed the life of Danny Tanner who suddenly became a single father to 3 girls. He seeks the help of his old friend Joey Gladstone and his brother in law Jesse Katsopolis. Between these three men, they raised the Tanner girls to become strong, independent women. Fast forward 20 years, the Tanner women are all grown up.

“Fuller House” will now follow the life of the eldest Tanner, D.J. Fuller who also suddenly became a single mother to her 3 sons after her husband passed away on duty as a firefighter. She reaches out to the old gang, her father Danny, friend Joey, Uncle Jesse, and Aunt Becky. They all reunite in the beloved Tanner house which will be passed down to Dj and her family.

After D.J. realizes how hard life as a single parent will be, the family decided to postpone their life to help raise the Fuller boys. D.J.’s middle sister, Stephanie, decided it’s time for her to step up and volunteers to move in with her big sister to help in any way she can. Who could forget about D.J.’s best friend, Kimmy Gibbler? Now going through a divorce and with a daughter of her own, she decided her best friend needs her too and will also move in to help. Now they all must learn to live with their new family and work together to make life a little easier. The show has two seasons so far, but season three premiered on Netflix September 22.

“Raven’s Home:” “Raven’s Home” is a reboot of the Disney Channel original series, “That’s So Raven,” which was centered around Raven Baxter, – a teenage psychic.

This time around, Raven is a divorced single mother with 11-year-old twins, Booker and Nia. She is now living in the Windy City of Chicago with her recently divorced best friend, Chelsea Daniels and her 9-year-old son, Levi.

Her entire life, Raven has tried to keep her psychic powers a secret, and her children are no exception, but her son Booker has discovered that he could see the future. After having his first vision, Booker tells Levi and his sister Nia. She refuses to believe him because he is constantly making up stories and stealing their mother’s attention from her. After Booker has a vision that Nia will be in an accident, he saves her and proves to her that he is psychic. He decides to keep this information from his mom because he thinks she would never understand.