Skittles vs. M&M’s

Jade Lewis and Elise Stornello

Jade: Skittles are better than M&M’s in many ways. One way is that Skittles don’t melt as easily as M&M’s. They stay the same through the whole day. You can put them in your pocket without having an anxiety attack. Skittles are actually made from a rainbow which makes them melt-proof. Skittles also have a lot of colors. Each different kind of Skittle has its own color. M&M’s have the same colors even if they’re different flavors.

Elise: There is a large variety of M&M flavors like crunch, pretzel, mint, peanut butter, peanut, dark chocolate, almond, white chocolate and many more. With so many options how can you hate ‘em? Skittles may be a rainbow, but M&M’s are an adventure of flavor. A fun option for M&M lovers is to buy multiple kinds and mix them. A delightful surprise with every bite! Skittles all taste the same: simple bland fruity flavors. The closest they come to being different is the sour package. But even that is a far stretch from variety.

Jade: M&M’s may have a lot of flavors but if I wanted a chocolate with almonds in it, I’ll just buy chocolate covered almonds. M&M’s shouldn’t even exist. There are chocolate bites that are exactly like M&M’s. Skittles are fruity, but some skittles are sour, which makes them unique. M&M’s are chocolate, and if someone wanted chocolate they could get a whole chocolate bar.

Elise: M&M’s are much more delicious than Skittles. They, like my personality, are crunchy on the outside and soft on the inside. Each bite melts with an explosion of chocolate flavor. M&M’s are addicting. One after another, you continue to eat more pieces.