Greatest, worst April Fools Day pranks

Brad Hubly, Staff Reporter

April Fools Day is a day when all trust is lost. Each year when the time comes everyone asks themselves, what prank should I pull this year? There are many options, but some are, of course, better than others.

There are always the classics, like the placing plastic wrap on the toilet seat, or balancing a cup of water on a door so when someone opens it the water spills all over them. People can always go for the bolder classic April Fools jokes like when someone is taking a shower you sneak in and take all of their clothes and towel, so they are stuck dripping wet. There is also the bed sheet April Fools prank where you fold the flat sheet on the bed double and tuck in securely on the sides. When the person gets into bed they can’t go further than halfway. One can also tie a rubber band on the spray nozzle of a faucet so when someone turns it on, the spray nozzle sprays water all over them.

Then there are always the people who take things way too far on this day, like the person who would think it would be hilarious to tell their significant other that they are breaking up with him or her. Another classic no go is the unplanned and very unexpected pregnancy.

Of course, few would advise that such things be joked about. April Fools Day is intended to be fun and friendly, not malicious and cruel.

Those who consider the consequences of their actions and weigh the balance of funny and hurtful usually pull off the best jokes.