Director helps choir quality expand

Sarah Zych, Staff Reporter

Elk Grove’s choir has about one hundred and sixty singers in various choir groups.

There are four main groups that meet during the day: men’s choir, women’s choir, treble choir, and concert choir. Men’s and women’s choir are open to all grades, while treble choir consists of sophomore to senior girls. Concert choir requires an audition and allows both females and males.

Choir also gives students opportunities to sing outside of their school day. There’s a group called the Chamber Singers, and they meet in the mornings. Choir teacher Sarah Catt said “they are a smaller, top choral group which can also perform more classical music in nature.

“The Chamber Singers have recently performed at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. They’ve also been a part of Augustana’s Chamber Choir Festival.”

For the past two years, Elk Grove’s vocal jazz group has been selected to perform at the American Choral Directors Association State Convention and the year before that, they were invited to perform at the Illinois Music Education All State Conference. Seniors Jordan Niebuhr and Taylor Matos made it to Vocal Jazz 1. Vocal Jazz 2 singers include senior Evan Hatfield, Katie Skoufes, junior Matt Jarosch, Emily Franke, sophomore Sheldon Adams and Aaron Mejorada. Mrs. Catt is extremely proud of all her choir groups.

“If you’re passionate about music, and you know you want something to break up your day in a really good way, I think choir is a great way to do it. It is my philosophy and my belief that anybody can sing.” Catt said.